Analyze & Optimise

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RF::SCOUT, the new analysis tool of RF::SCOUT, provides the possibility to perform valuable tests on the basis of plant recordings from virtual or real plants.

Planners get detailed statements about processes, capacity utilization and material flow.
Planning and changes as well as integrations can be backed up and validated at any time, also during the revision period.


Optimise & Tuning

The analysis of individual cells of bodyshell plants, of the associated digital twin or a virtual plant.

Now optimise and coordinate the production speeds of the individual cells with RF::SCOUT oand adjust them to each other. The optimization consists is to produce a maximum of products with a minimum of tools, robots and energy. maximum of products with the least use of tools, robots and energy.

Process analysis


Activity chart

This module displays all existing activities, which are available due to an analysis or a loaded result file.



Like the activity diagram, the module shows all existing activities. A component is shown in colour to indicate the cycle it is in at a determined point in time. If the component leaves the cell, cycles of other components will be highlighted.


Workload diagram

The module displays the component load per clock, based on the evaluation of their activity. On the load diagram you can Identify bottlenecks in the plant.


Cycle time chart

This module shows the average cycle time as well as the average relative position of the activities of all filtered elements to the cycle. So-called "cross-over tasks" may be hidden.

The RF::SCOUT Features Video

Interlock Checker

Interlock Checker

Within the area of collision analysis, the Interlock Checker tests all zones and positions of a robot to the zones and positions of other robots. A selected interval step on a selected time interval is considered. The result of the analysis is displayed simultaneously in three different ways:

Status chart

Time scale

3D Viewer

All existing and possible collisions are shown. All occupied zones in which no collisions are physically possible are displayed. For each robot the "Program Call Sequence" and the "Robot Details", Tools & Bases and Kinematics are displayed.


By using SHIFT, a virtual plant is compared with its real counterpart by means of robot backups. to its real counterpart. The virtual plant is aligned based on the identified differences. The result of the SHIFT analysis shows the movement of all objects to a master object in two different ways:

Tabular form

3D Viewer


In the field of signal analysis there are several possibilities to be able to examine the sequence of raw signals. The signals are displayed according to their data type. The user can compile the desired signals individually..

Cycle time analysis

3D Viewer

Using the 3D Viewer, a loaded plant (RF::YAMS file) can be easily displayed or viewed and analyzed in more detail in conjunction with the Interlock Checker and SHIFT applications.

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