The virtual training system for PLC, robotics, commissioning and maintenance


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The virtual training system for PLC, robotics, commissioning and maintenance

RF::EdDi was developed based on the experiences of EKS lnTec GmbH and their customers during their daily work in the field of virtual commissioning with the RF::Suite®.

The modules of our long-time proven software tools are used for training PLC programming, plant operation, maintenance and robotics in such a way that you virtually train yourself and your employees for real use with the help of a digital system twin.

The training requirements for your skilled personnel increase with the complexity of the production plant and the process flow.

You will increase the qualification of your employees by realistic training on the digital model of our Education Distribution RF::EdDi, you will increase your team's qualifications significantly.

Training can take place in parallel with production. But also plants that are not yet in operation can be simulated in advance and train your experts on the virtual model.

The complete operation of a production plant is simulated in plant training.

Special functions occurring frequently during production process

  • Removal and insertion of components
  • Full run/empty run
  • Continuous operation
  • Emergency stop
  • Restart
  • Maintenance of process equipment & technology components.

These real-life situations, as well as the processing of product variants, will be virtually practiced in the plant behavior. For this there is there is a realistic 3D representation. Error scenarios and their solutions are individually modelable. This increases the training effect and reduces the cost of maintenance work that is necessary in reality.

If the system is operated incorrectly, all consequences and possible damage will be identified. However, there will be no financial disadvantage due to real damage in the equipment. Simply RESET and you go on with the training.

Why RF EdDi Logo ?


Thanks to the exact simulation of the components, the training participant gets a realistic feedback. Here, the complexity is just as present in the virtual world as it is in reality. The break to the real world is gone.


No special software knowledge is required to operate the model. The focus is on the transfer of knowledge and Training content, not on creation of a digital plant model.


There are no expensive repercussions for mistakes in the virtual training world. The trainees move in a safe area. However, if a task seems unsolvable, one simple mouse click is all it takes to reset the production plant.


For maximum spatial and temporal flexibility, the model can also be operated completely in the cloud. You only need a Web browser!

Why RF EdDi Logo ?


You need more training capacity? No problem, the number of training places is scalable as desired, and unlimited


Your training system is quickly and easily modified, for example, if e.g. a new technology or a new procedure is to be integrated.


Training independent of supply bottlenecks and lengthy ordering processes ? - You only need one PC - no further connected hardware required


The trainings are of course not limited to the use of software and virtual components. The possibilities of combining hardware and/or software in the loop are given in any case.

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